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The Apple list of HomeKit-enabled accessories shows that there are currently no stand-alone HomeKit-enabled burglar alarm sirens or similar security accessories. But there is a workaround.
In a few simple steps, you can make a hardware-store-bought siren HomeKit-capable, and configure it for your specific application. Whether triggered by Eve Door & Window, Eve Motion, or alarms resulting from a fire detected by Eve Smoke, our tutorial will show you how to set up a security alarm. Easily.

Which siren?
Ideally suitable for use with Eve Energy are sirens that are directly activated by a power supply. You’ll find several products with powerful alarms on Amazon, all of which are perfect for connected home security installations, including this Eve Energy-based scenario featuring a HomeKit Alarm Alert.
First off, create a new scene via Scenes > Edit > Add Scene, and give it a name (such as Alarm).

Activate a scene that turns on the siren via Eve Energy
Automation for Eve Door & Window when a door / window is opened while you’re out.
Automatically stop the alarm after five minutes
Automation for Eve Motion when motion is detected while you’re away

Rules / Automation
After adding your scene, set up an automation / rule that activates your siren. The trigger can be executed by Eve Door & Window, as well as Eve Motion.
For Eve Door & Window, open the Home app and tap Automation > An accessory is controlled > Eve Door & Window & Open > People: When I’m not at home > Scene Alarm > Disable After 5 Minutes.
For Eve Motion, select Automation > A sensor detects something > Eve Motion > Detects movement > People: When I’m not at home > Scene Alarm > Disable After 5 minutes.
In case of fire, you can also use Eve Smoke as a trigger, which will trigger your siren in addition to its own siren.

Siren with a timer
If you use the Home app, you can set the alarm’s duration by tapping Turn off – for example – after 5 minutes. This way, your neighbors won’t get too annoyed if you’re absent during a false alarm. In the Home app, you can also set Eve Door & Window, Eve Motion, or Eve Smoke to notify you of the alarm when you’re away (home hub required), so you can turn off the siren remotely.

If you have a recommendation for a DIY alarm that plugs into a smart switch, let us know and post a comment below.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free

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