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Make the holiday season magical by following our tips on how to create the perfect mood. Switch on your festive lights as soon as motion is detected – no matter if it’s for kids eagerly awaiting gifts, friends and relatives coming to visit or for when you arrive home after a long day. 

To work your magic, all you need are a smart plug or a multi-plug outlet such as Eve Energy or Eve Energy Strip as well as a smart motion detector such as Eve Motion. If you want, you can also add further HomeKit-enabled lights such as Eve Light Strip or Philips Hue lamps to your setup – and even audio systems using AirPlay 2. 

This type of automation requires Apple TV or a HomePod as a home hub.


Let’s get festive!

Plug your Christmas tree lights and/or other lights into Eve Energy. Position Eve Motion where you want any movement to turn on the festive lights (in our example we use the entrance hallway). Now it’s time to get going: 

Create a scene that turns on your festive lights. In our example we switch on our Christmas tree lights (using Eve Energy) and our HomeKit-enabled Eve Flare lamp. To do so, open the Eve app, tap Automation followed by the Scenes tab.  

  • Add Scene > Add Actions > [Room] > Christmas Tree and Eve Flare Power On  > Add
  • Enter a unique name such as “Let’s get festive” and choose an icon for your scene 



While still in the Automation section, now tap the Rules tab to setup the automation using Eve Motion. 

  • Add Rule  > Add Trigger > Motion  > Eve Motion On > Motion  > Add 

In our example, we only want the lights to switch on when it’s dark outside. Adding a time also works just as well, or you can just not set any time conditions at all.

  • Add Time Condition > Time After sunset > Next > Select the “Let’s get festive” scene > Give your rule a name  > Done

From now on, a festive mood will flood your home as soon as Eve Motion detects that it’s dark outside and someone enters your home.

To switch off your festive lighting whenever you want, create another scene called something like “Festivities over”:
Add Actions > (Room) > Christmas Tree and Eve Flare Power Off > Add

While you can also add a scene that not only turns on your festive lighting, but also switches it off again if no motion is detected for a while. However, as the motion detector is located in a different room, it’s best to switch off the lights using Siri or the app. Just say “Hey Siri, Festivities over” and everything will switch off. Alternatively, go to Automation and add a timer that activates the scene every day at a specific time.

Have a magical holiday season – with Eve!




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