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A healthy indoor climate is one in which temperature and humidity levels are conducive to ensuring your comfort and, more importantly, your wellbeing. Maintaining a healthy temperature in a room is easily achieved by setting a thermostat to anywhere between 18 and 22 degrees (64 – 72 F). By contrast, ensuring healthy humidity levels traditionally entails constant monitoring, activation, and deactivation of a humidifier. Fortunately, with the help of Eve Degree and Eve Energy, an inexpensive humidifier ($30) can easily be automated to regulate humidity levels without your constant attention. In this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to set it up.

Optimal humidity range
While low humidity can lead to skin irritation and respiratory difficulty, high humidity can stimulate mold formation. To avoid either extremes and their subsequent consequences, it is generally recommended that you keep humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent. We want to narrow this range to between 45 and 55 percent.

Measure and regulate humidity
With Eve Degree, we can measure the actual humidity in a room and keep track of fluctuating levels with the Eve app (the same can be done with Eve Room). Now, with the help of two rules and two scenes, we can have Eve Energy switch on a humidifier when Eve Degree senses humidity below 45%, and switch it off when humidity exceeds 55%. Note that our humidifier is ultrasonic and can be activated via the main power supply without pressing any other switches – a prerequisite to achieving automated humidity regulation.

Two scenes for two rules
As noted, you need two rules with two scenes. For Eve Energy, create and set the scenes Humidifier On (activated by Power > On) and Humidifier Off (Power > Off). Test the two scenes manually to be sure that they work.

Rule for activating the humidifier
To create the first rule, choose Scenes > Rules > Add rule. Select Add Value Trigger and Type > Humidity. Then activate Eve Degree. Under Value Trigger you will find Any and Specific. The easiest way is to set Specific, then Less Than, and specify a value for the humidity, which in this tutorial is 45%. Eve automatically creates a trigger with the value Any and the required value condition, which in this case is Humidity less than 45 percent. Finally, select the scene, Humidifier On, and set a name for the rule, such as Increase Humidity.
This workaround via a trigger (any change of the humidity value) with the value condition (humidity less than 45%) is necessary in Eve because HomeKit currently does not allow value-triggering with higher/lower values in iOS 10. In the Apple Home app, such a rule cannot be applied at all. Eve makes it possible.

Rule 1 - activate the humidifier if humidity is below 45%
Rule 2 - deactivate the humidifier if humidity exceeds 55%
Condition of the rule
Overview of the rule

Rule for deactivating the humidifier
To ensure that the humidifier does not turn your home into a sauna, you need a second rule to deactivate it once humidity exceeds 55 %. This works analog to the rule for activating, in this case with Value > Specific, the condition More than 55%, and the scene Humidifier Off.

How it works
Eve Degree detects a (any) value change in humidity (in 1% steps) and notifies your iOS device or fourth-generation Apple TV. Your iOS device or Apple TV registers the notification and connects to Eve Degree via end-to-end encryption to ascertain the value change. Your iOS device or Apple TV then checks the value change to see if it affects a created rule with a condition (in our example, humidity decreased below 45%). If this is the case, the corresponding scene – Humidifier On – is activated.

Elgato Eve Degree, Temperature & Humidity Monitor with Apple HomeKit technology, Bluetooth Low Energy
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‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
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