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With Eve Motion and Philips Hue lamps, you can create an intuitive system that automatically switches on subtle lighting for nighttime orientation, bright white light for daytime illumination, or almost any form of lighting you require for any given activity. That’s because HomeKit allows automated scene switching at specific times, or at sunset and sunrise.
Below, we show you how:

Automations or rules can be created in the Eve or Home app, or a combination of the two – the latter of which we applied in the following scenario: We set up the scenes for nightlight and daylight in Eve, which is straightforward and more precise – setting up the automation in Home only saves you one step.
In Eve, first select Scenes in the tab bar, then tap Edit > Add Scene > Add Actions. Now select the room in which the Hue lamps are situated, and enable Power, Color and Brightness. For daylight, set the color to white, and brightness to 100 percent. For nightlight, set the color to red, and the brightness to approximately 25 percent. Save both scenes as, for example, Daylight On and Nightlight On.

Select Add Actions to create a new scene in Eve
Enable Power, Color, and Brightness for Hue lamps
For daylight, choose white and 100% brightness
For nightlight, choose red and 25% brightness

Create Automations in Home
The trigger for the rules / automations is honored by Eve Motion, which detects movement. In Home, select Automation, and tap the plus-sign to add the new automation. In the next window, choose A Sensor Detects Something, select Eve Motion, and tap Next. Then enable Detects Motion. If you wish, under People, set the automation to trigger only if someone is at home.
Under Time, you can specify when the scene is to be activated. With Specific Times, the start and end times can be set. While under During the Day or At Night, you can set the time relative to sunrise and sunset after tapping the small i-icon.

Use Sunrise and Sunset for automations
In our scenario, the Nightlight On scene should trigger at night, so select At Night, and tap the i-icon. Select Sunset (and if you wish, offset the trigger time to before or after). Then, under End, select Sunrise (and again, offset the trigger time to before or after, if needed). Your first automation setup is now complete. Now tap Next to select the scene and then, under Turn Off, select After 10 minutes. The scene will automatically end after 10 minutes, thus switching off the nightlight.
Proceed the same way with the daylight, which is to be turned on under Motion Detection between sunrise and sunset.

Create a new automation for motion detection in Home
The nightlight should be activated between 30 minutes after sunset and sunrise
Alternatively, you can also specify the start and end of the scene
In this scenario, the light switches off automatically after 10 minutes

Scenes with Timers – Home App
Since iOS 11, HomeKit offers scenes with an integrated timer, which automatically deactivates them after a selected time. In our case, the scene is Lights Off. Currently, this cannot be achieved with as much ease in Eve, as you would be required to create another rule to turn off the light after a certain period, which you’d select in Eve Motion settings.
This scenario can be used in a variety of ways, and of course, it can be applied to outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, and any of your lighting needs.

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‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
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