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With the all-new version of Eve, you’re able to specify the location of your home and other homes you have created, or a house in which you are a guest. Eve 2.8 will then automatically switch between your homes according to your proximity to them. Rules with location triggers will be assigned directly to the respective home upon their creation. Moreover, the process of setting up accessories with location-specific properties – such as air pressure (Eve Weather) or energy costs (Eve Energy) – is more streamlined. Eve 2.8 includes additional improvements and new features.

Select a home when setting up a rule with location trigger
Your home’s address and icon
Eve Motion shows last detected motion or duration of current motion
Eve Door & Window shows when your door or window was last opened or how long it has been open

Other features and enhancements
With Eve Motion, see the duration of current motion or when motion was last detected. Similarly, with Eve Door & Window, see when your door or window was last opened or how long it has been open. Home icons aptly represent your home(s) in the Eve app.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free
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