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Eve Systems announces the second generation of Eve Room, its indoor climate & air quality monitor with Apple HomeKit technology. Eve Room brandishes a completely new design, including a high-contrast E-Ink display and anodized aluminum body with state-of-the-art sensor technology for greatly improved durability and long-term accuracy. As before, Eve Room can be operated wirelessly, uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, no bridge required. However, Eve Room is now powered by an integrated rechargeable battery. Eve Room is available for USD $99.95 (GBP £ 89.95). Pre-orders are accepted at the Eve Online Store and Amazon.

Healthy home at a glance: fast, precise and reliable
Eve Room leverages the latest technology by Swiss sensor specialist Sensirion. The process that determines the concentration of volatile organic components (VOC) is not only extremely energy efficient, but thanks to optimized materials, it’s also particularly durable and accurate over the long term. Air quality, temperature, and humidity can be checked via the Eve app and Siri, or directly on the 1.54″ E-Ink display, even from a distance.

Overview of air quality, temperature and humidity in the App Eve
Air quality over time, options such as comparison and export
Settings for Eve Room in the app Eve
Settings for Eve Room in the app Home from Apple

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Four different screen layouts are available to display the most relevant room parameters in a compact way, and can be selected via capacitive touch controls on the front panel. The integrated battery supplies power for six weeks, whereby Eve Room switches to an energy-saving mode that limits measurements to temperature and humidity until the next full charge. Eve Room can also be operated with a permanent power supply.

Eve Room - Raumklima- & Luftqualitäts-Monitor zum Kontrollieren von Luftqualität (VOC), Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit; E-Ink-Display, keine Bridge erforderlich, BLE (neu, Apple HomeKit)
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‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit

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