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Eve Thermo takes just a few minutes to install, with most of the standard settings already preset. During the first few days of use, it is advisable to make a few adjustments and take the time to understand Eve Thermo’s features.

You’ll find important functions in Eve Thermo’s settings, some of which you will have already seen during the initial setup. Let’s start upside down with the features.

Remove Accessory: With this command you remove Eve Thermo from your home, in the HomeKit configuration. This is necessary if you want you operate the device in a different home.
Identify Accessory: Tap the button and the red LED on Eve Thermo lights up.
Schedule: Here you can manage heating schedules. You can create your own schedules and delete schedules you have created. The three preset schedules cannot be deleted. “Mine” shows the schedules you created, “On Eve Thermo” lists the schedule that is local on Eve Thermo. If you use more than one Eve Thermo, you’ll find the schedules you created available for all Eve Thermos in your home.
Temperature offset: The offset setting addresses the fact that the temperature measured by Eve Thermo is higher or lower than the room temperature. Example: You might set the temperature in Eve to 72 degrees, but the measured temperature in the middle of the room (with a thermometer) is only 69 degrees. In this case, you would adjust the offset to -3 degrees. After initial installation, you have to check for a few days for the ideal matching value. The temperature offset is, of course, also determined by the location of the heater with Eve Thermo (in a corner, under construction, etc.).
Installation: This setting shows whether Eve Thermo has been installed correctly. If you want to install Eve Thermo on another heater in the same home, tap on the button “Remove.”
Siri Name: Here you’ll find the Siri Name you set during initial setup. You can change it here. We recommend using Siri names, it’s simple to control Eve Thermo via Siri.
Room: Here you find the room you assigned Eve Thermo to during installation. This can be changed as well.

Full reset
Even if you remove Eve Thermo from your HomeKit configuration, historical data and selected schedules remain on the device. If you plan to transfer ownership of the device, you will want a full reset, with all data erased. To do so, open the cover of Eve Thermo and press the reset button with a paper clip until the red LED flashes.

Eve Thermo settings
Schedules in Eve Thermo
Set the offset for Eve Thermo
Calibration of Eve Thermo after installation

Open Eve Thermo in Eve via the room or “At a glance,” and you’ll find all the functions and main elements for everyday life.

Target temperature: Here you’ll find the manual selected target temperature or the active target temperature from the selected heating schedule. You can raise or lower the temperature setting in 0.5 degree increments.
Mode: During heating season from autumn to spring this setting must be “ON,” otherwise Eve Thermo will stop the heater from operating. Once you set it to “OFF,” Eve Thermo closes the heater’s valve, turning it off. This would be the setting for a warm summer, when no heater is needed.
Schedule: With “ON” or “OFF” you decide whether to use heating schedules or not. Once “ON” is selected you may tap on the active schedule, edit it, or choose a new schedule. Even if a schedule is active, you can choose another target temperature in Eve or via Siri. In this case the selected temperature is active until the next scheduled temperature change takes place.
Heating: In the history you can see the valve position of your heater over time.
Target temperature and current values: Once you tap on the small arrow on the right of the target temperature you’ll see the history of the target temperature and the “current temperature.” Current temperature is measured by the Eve Thermo, close to your heater. It is significantly higher than the target value in the heating phase. The display shows information but cannot be used to set the temperature offset.

Overview Eve Thermo in Eve
Valve position in History
Active heating schedule in Eve
Target temperature and current (measured in Eve Thermo)
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