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Today it is Eve Door & Window’s turn to get a firmware upgrade, which is easy to install via the Eve app. After the firmware update, the Eve Door & Window value “Contact” (closed/open) can be added to automation rules as value triggers. The upgrade enables a new feature: you can now reset the counter for times opened. The upgrade also offers significantly faster connection and switching times for Eve Door & Window, and many other general improvements and bug fixes. All Eve devices that have received firmware upgrades are fully compatible with the Home app in Apple’s upcoming iOS 10. We will make upgrades available for the rest of our Eve devices soon.

iOS 10 improves value triggers
Value trigger support in the new Eve firmware is compatible with iOS 9.3.x, but becomes much more valuable with iOS 10. In iOS 9.3.x, rules with value triggers “live and act” on the iOS device on which they were originally created, which in most cases is the user’s iPhone. This means that your iPhone has to have a local or remote connection (via Apple TV) to your devices at home for the rules to execute.
With iOS 10 and an additional Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10 in your home (or an iPad running iOS 10 and the setting “Use this iPad as a Home Hub” activated), the rules you created on your iPhone are synchronized with the Apple TV 4 (and/or iPad), and the triggers “live” on your local network at home. The associated scenes for your rules are executed even if you and your iPhone are away from home, and you do not have an internet connection.
With iOS 10, you’ll also have the option to use the Apple Home App besides Eve. You can use Home to check values and control devices, and you will have to use the Eve app for everything else e.g. creating rules with value triggers and conditions, check historical values, non-standard characteristics, listing of all types and more.

Firmware Upgrade: Eve Door & Window
Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of the Eve app first. The firmware upgrade can be completed quickly and easily using iOS 9.3.x (or iOS 10). In the Eve app, you’ll see a small red circle with a number on the Settings tab in the tab bar. The number indicates the number of devices for which Elgato offers a firmware update. Tap “Settings” and then tap “Accessories.” The Eve devices that can be updated are shown with a small red icon with an arrow. Make sure your iOS device is close to the Eve device and tap on the device’s name (for example, Eve Door & Window) you want to upgrade. Tap “Update Firmware” on the next screen. To complete the update, you must be close to the device; you cannot complete the update remotely. The process takes four to five minutes, and it is fully automatic. At the end of the upgrade process, the Eve device will automatically restart and be ready to use. You must upgrade each device individually. For example, if you use three Eve Door & Window devices, you must complete the upgrade three times.

Eve showing an available upgrade
Firmware upgrade for Eve Door & Window
Upgrade firmware
The upgrade will take four to five minutes

Resetting Times Opened
After the firmware upgrade, you may reset the “Times Opened” counter for your Eve Door & Windows devices. To do so, select the device in “At a Glance” or “Rooms”, tap on “Times Opened” then tap on the three dots to view the extended representation of the Measurements, and tap “Reset Count”.

Using Value Triggers and Conditions
After the upgrade is complete, the value trigger “Contact” on the device is ready for use within your rules. Like location triggers, a value trigger requires a change in a value and not a status to trigger the scene. Tap “Scenes” in the tab bar in Eve, and then tap “Rules > Add Rule > Next > Add Value Trigger.” Here you’ll find triggers listed by room and type. For example, we use “Types > Contact”. You’ll find your Eve Door & Window devices that have the new firmware installed here. Activate the device for which you want to set up a value trigger. You can choose between “Any” and “Specific.” For example, if you select “Any,” the trigger will fire and activate the associated scene once the status of “Contact” gets switched from closed to open or vice versa. You may set up an additional condition then to make the trigger work, specifying the closed/open change.
If you choose “Specific” you can select between “closed” and “open”. Once done tap “Add”, then “Next” and add an optional Value Condition or Time Condition like “After Sunset.” Tap “Next” and select a scene to be executed, or create a new one. Set a name for the rule, and you’re done.
You may also create additional conditions while setting up a rule.

Add value trigge
Add a time condition
Rule with value trigger and condition for Eve Door & Windo
Rule with value trigger for Eve Door & Window

Value Triggers and Scenes
Once Eve Door & Window reports a change in the selected value “Contact”, the scene associated with the trigger is activated. A change is initiated by opening or closing a door or window. Such a value trigger could switch on lighting scenes or other devices connected via Eve Energy, turn on or off a heater via Eve Thermo or other scenes. Therefore, you must create or link an existing scene when setting up your value trigger(s).

Examples of Scenes
With your existing installation, you can set up several scenes for rules with value triggers. For example, you can turn on an entertainment system that is plugged into Eve Energy, turn a radiator that is attached to Eve Thermo on or off, turn Hue lamps or lamps connected to Eve Energy on or off, and much more.

We are interested in your setup. What kind of rules with value triggers, optional conditions, and scenes do you use?

Elgato Eve Door & Window (1st Generation) - Wireless Contact Sensor with Apple HomeKit technology, Bluetooth Low Energy
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‎Eve für HomeKit
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