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Elgato has announced two HomeKit-enabled accessories for this summer: a portable LED lamp, Eve Flare, and smart water controller, Eve Aqua. Controlled by iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Siri – Eve Flare provides ambient light wherever you want, while Eve Aqua lets you control and automate your garden sprinkler.
Eve Flare sports a full color and brightness spectrum, six hours of light, IP65 water-resistance, and a carry-handle along with control buttons.
Eve Aqua easily attaches to an outdoor tap and hose system. The duration of irrigation can be set and adjusted via Home, Eve, or Siri. And, perhaps most importantly, schedules created in the Eve app are automatically transferred to Eve Aqua, meaning they run completely autonomously without any connection to your iOS device.
Eve Aqua and Eve Flare can also be accessed and automated via a home hub, such as HomePod or Apple TV. So you can up your watering duration while on vacation, in anticipation of a heat wave at home. And control Eve Flare while you’re out, or set it to work by itself.

Pricing & Availability
Customers can pre-order Eve Aqua immediately for USD $99.95 (UK: GBP £89.95, AU: AUD $179, EU: 99.95 Euro), and look forward to availability beginning June 25. Eve Flare is immediately available to pre-order in Europe and will start shipping on June 25 for 99.95 Euro.

Eve Flare
With six hours of illumination, wireless charging, and rugged, stylish IP65-rated housing, Eve Flare can be used anywhere from the bedroom to the garden and beyond. HomeKit extends the functionality of Eve Flare even further: it can be switched on and off via Siri, and automated via a home hub using rules or timers. In addition to color presets offered by the Home app, the Eve App features a selection of lighting moods programmed exclusively for Eve Flare. And of course, you can easily create your own.
Eve Flare requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 11.3 or later, while automation and remote access require a HomePod, Apple TV, or an iPad set up as a home hub.

Schedules, estimated consumption, and more for Eve Aqua
Pick a color for Eve Flare
Color selection for Eve Flare
Select a preset via the app or Siri

Eve Aqua
Eve Aqua turns your regular outdoor tap or faucet into an intelligent water outlet, allowing you to control your watering system via Siri, the app, or onboard button. After a set period of time, the valve shuts automatically. Schedules created in the Eve app are transferred to Eve Aqua, ensuring that it runs completely independently of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. Home hub owners can even increase watering durations or suspend schedules while away from home. Moreover, based on your tap’s flow rate, the Eve app can calculate the estimated water consumption. While IPX4 water resistance and UV protection allow Eve Aqua to remain mounted throughout the season.
Eve Aqua requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11.3 or later. Automation and remote access requires a HomePod, Apple TV, or an iPad set up as a home hub.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free

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