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In addition to Eve, you may now use the new Apple Home app in iOS 10 to control your accessories, and you can access and control your home via your iPhone’s Control Center for HomeKit. HomeKit is deeply integrated into iOS, and offers additional stability and features that benefit the Eve app and Elgato HomeKit-enabled products. To use automation with timers and rules, and to access your home remotely on the go, you now need an Apple TV 4 with tvOS 10 installed, or an iPad with iOS 10 set to Home Hub mode. Apple TV 3 does not support all the new features presented by iOS 10 and HomeKit, and it is no longer available for purchase from Apple.

Apple TV 4 as a Home Hub for HomeKit
If you have installed iOS 10, but do not have an Apple TV 4 in your home, you cannot use automation in the new Apple Home app. If you try, you’ll see a dialog in Home telling you to install an Apple TV 4 or an iPad in Home Hub mode. On the Apple website you’ll find a new document on how to use automation and remote access with your HomeKit-enabled devices in iOS 10. With iOS 10, Apple TV 4 is responsible for handling remote access, and facilitating end-to-end encryption between your iPhone and HomeKit-enabled devices while on the road.
New and exceptionally helpful in iOS 10 is the automatic synchronization of timers and rules you created on the iPhone or iPad synced with your Apple TV 4 running tvOS 10. The rules and timers you created on your iPhone are synchronized with the Apple TV 4, and the triggers exist on your local network at home. That means your scenes will still function if you and your iPhone are away from home, or if you are without an internet connection.
An alternative to Apple TV 4 is an iPad with iOS 10 that is stationary, switched on hooked up to a power outlet, and connected to your local wireless home network. On your iPad tap Settings > HomeKit > Use this iPad as Home Hub. Kindly note that this post does not focus on the use of an iPad.

Apple TV 4 ready to be used for Automation and Remote Access
The Home app displays the Home Hub(s) (in this case two Apple TV 4s)
The Home app displays the Home Hub (in this case an iPad)

Using Apple TV 4 – Simple Setup
Your Apple TV 4 “talks” to your HomeKit-enabled accessories within your local network via end-to-end encryption, thus ensuring secure remote access. Both Bluetooth LE and WiFi are supported, so Apple TV 4 can communicate with all HomeKit-enabled accessories. If you are using more than one Apple TV 4 in your home, they will act as range extenders to establish connections with accessories in range, and share information and control of all your accessories.
Note: Remote access in HomeKit on iOS 10 requires users to enable two-factor authentication for the iCloud account used to manage HomeKit.
For setting up your Apple TV 4 you need to use the same Apple-ID (iCloud-ID) you are using on your iOS device. If you experience issues and your Apple TV 4 does not work as expected, or if you set up a new one, the following tips may be of assistance:
To redo the setup: On your Apple TV 4 select Settings > System > Reset > Reset. As is the case with any system reset, your Apple TV 4 will resume to default factory settings, and all the apps you downloaded from the App Store will be deleted. Restoring your Apple TV 4 to its original state will thus require you to re-customize your settings, and re-download your apps.
After restarting your Apple TV 4, use the Apple TV 4 remote to set Language, Region, Location Service, and so on. Once you see the setup dialog, simply choose Setup with a Device and enter your Apple-ID’s password on your iPhone. That’s it – your setup is complete. On your Apple TV 4, go to Settings > Accounts > iCloud. You’ll see the name of your home, and the Apple Home app will then display your Apple TV 4 as a home Hub.

In addition to Automation and Remote access, you may now use your Apple TV 4’s remote and Siri function to control your home, while relaxing in front of your TV.

Use Siri and your Apple Tv 4's remote to talk to Siri
Siri’s answers will be displayed on your TV
‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free
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