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Once you’ve finished the basic installation of your Hue bridge and lamps using the Hue app, open the Eve app. You’ll find the bridge and lamps in the “standard room” of your home. Assigning the bridge and lamps to your rooms and using your Hue lamps will happen in the Eve app.

Step one: Select the bridge and assign it to the room where it’s set up.

Step two: Assign all the lamps to the rooms in which they will be used. Use rooms that have already been set up, or create new rooms in Eve. After assigning a lamp to its room, select an explicit “Siri Name” for each lamp. For example, we named the Hue Lightstrip in the kitchen “Kitchen Lamp.” Using Siri, you can then use the command “turn on the lamp in my kitchen,” or “turn on my kitchen lamp.”

The video shows how to set up the Hue Bridge and lamps in Eve, how to control the lamps in Eve, and how to control them both using Siri.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free


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