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Update July 15, 2016: Eve 2.0.1 with bug fixes and performance improvements

In Elgato Eve 2.0 we provide the biggest update of our free app. The new tab bar gives easy, fast access to the most commonly used functions. Before Eve 2.0, scenes were part of “At a Glance.” Now scenes have found their own home in Eve 2.0 and are easy for users to access and sort. Users with Eve Energy will not only see actual power consumption together with total consumption but also “Projected Cost” and “Total Cost.” Eve displays the projected costs based on actual consumption or based on consumption from the last day or the last week. Eve 2.0 comes with a brand-new app icon as well. This post will give you an overview of the new version.

Fast and easy access
On the tab bar, you’ll find icons for quick access to “At a Glance,” “Scenes” with their new layout, “Rooms,” Types,” and “Settings.” The Settings function has been significantly cleaned up and has a new setting called “Electricity Rate.” More on this below. “About & Support” provides easy access to the iOS “Privacy & Units Settings,” to Eve online support, and for purchasing Eve devices.

New look with tab bar for quick navigation
Room view in Eve 2.0
Overview of types in Eve 2.0
Cleaned-up Settings section in Eve 2.0

All new scenes
Scenes are enormously popular. They enable you to set several Eve devices and those of other manufacturers of HomeKit-enabled devices with one tap to turn on or off. Scenes can be activated manually or triggered by timers or rules. Over time when using Eve, the number of scenes will grow significantly. With Eve 2.0, scenes have their own home in the app. Here you will find the four standard scenes that come with the iOS. They are marked in color. The scenes set up by the user have their own icons. To create a new scene, choose “Edit” and a new tile will show up. Note: While you’re in edit mode, you may as well tap on an existing scene to edit the associated actions or add new ones. You may even delete a scene you created.
The four standard scenes provided by iOS can be edited but can’t be deleted. The Scene window lets you access the timer and rules section of Eve 2.0. Here’s another nice move. Before Eve 2.0, you had to first define a scene when you wanted to set up a timer or rule. With Eve 2.0, you can set up your timer or rule and in the last step select an existing scene or create and connect a new one to the timer or rule.

Clear presentation of scenes in a new look
Edit existing scenes or create a new one
Reorder existing scenes in order of importance
Select an existing scene or create a new one when creating a timer or rule

Measure and read electricity costs
Eve 2.0 not only displays current power consumption along with total power consumption but also the estimated cost and the total cost (since setting up Eve Energy for the first time). The first step in using this function is to set the energy cost (electricity rate): Goto Settings > Energy Cost in Eve. According to your location, Eve will display the average cost per kWh. If your contract includes different rates, just edit the value in the setting. In the room view of your Eve Energy, you’ll see the total cost since the first start of Eve Energy or since the last hardware reset. Eve does not calculate the total cost from the history data in Eve. Eve Energy features an internal sensor that provides the data.
“Projected Cost” shows the costs due per month (for devices with low-power consumption per year). The calculation offers the different values based on the calculation you select: either based on the actual power consumption (“Minute”) or based on the average consumption during the last day or during the last week. Example: Your complete entertainment system with TV, audio system, Apple TV, Xbox, or Playstation is connected via Eve Energy. If “Using Last Minute” is selected, Eve shows the cost of your current gaming using all devices extrapolated to the month or year. If “Day” or “Week” is selected, Eve uses the real costs for the last day (or week) to calculate the estimated cost per month or year. Using “Day” or “Week” will give you a good estimation of the real costs, using the period’s peak power consumption along with periods of normal power consumption and periods where the system is in standby or Eve Energy is off. Hardly any device—entertainment, computer, freezer, or others—is on and consuming full power around the clock.

Use the preset electricity rate that is predefined for your location or edit the value
Eve displays not only actual power consumption and total consumption but also the calculated costs
Costs per year based on real consumption of the last day
Costs per year based on real consumption of the past week

Eve 2: What’s next
Eve 2.0 has been tested and optimized to work beautifully with the wide range of HomeKit-enabled light bulbs, door locks, sensors, switches and thermostats available today.
Eve 2.0 will be the basis for future Eve versions, which will have new features and further improvements to the interface of the app. The developers at Elgato are already working on the revision of “At a Glance.” The overview will be completely revised in the next updates and get a new, fresh look.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
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