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With streamlined usability and polished aesthetics, Eve 2.5 gives you even greater control of your home. Eve 2.5 introduces At a Glance view, which you can customize to display accessory information that’s most relevant to you. Better yet, it gives you direct control over your frequently-used accessories and, with improved iOS 10 integration, you can do so via 3D Touch (on iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus or later). Moreover, on all iOS devices you can perform actions, such as adjusting the target temperature of Eve Thermo, simply by tapping a tile.
Additional enhancements include a completely restructured Room view – which enables you to see all your room accessories and tap to dive deeper into detailed information – plus new and improved icons for all your devices and rooms. What’s more, with Eve 2.5 you can access all the latest HomeKit-enabled accessories from other manufacturers.

At a Glance
In the new At a Glance view, you’ll find all your frequently-used HomeKit-enabled accessories with their values in tiles. This offers quick access to accessories like Eve Energy or Hue lamps, which you can switch on and off directly with a tap. Your selected Hue lamp color will also be displayed. Use Edit to determine which accessories you want to see and control.
For users with an iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus or later, Eve 2.5 supports Haptic Feedback throughout the app, and 3D Touch in the At a Glance view. Press and hold the tile of a HomeKit-enabled accessory to see its values, and access it directly.
Users of an older iPhone or iPad can use Rooms to directly access all values of their HomeKit enabled accessories.

Overview and control of HomeKit-enabled devices in Eve 2.5, even the selected the color of the Hue lamps is displayed
Select your Favotites for the At a Glance view
Adjust the target temperature of Eve Thermo directly in At a Glance

Restructured Room view
The Room view and Detailed view have been completely revised. Rooms are color-coded and feature new icons. In addition to displaying your accessories clearly, the restructured Room view also permits direct access to detailed accessory information. You can also control HomeKit-enabled accessories such as Eve Energy, Eve Thermo, or Hue lamps directly from Room view.

New Room overview with color coding and new icons
Completely restructured Room view
Quick control of your accessories using the new Room view
Tap to dive deeper into detailed information of your accessories

Refined look and system requirements
You’ll find several aesthetic refinements throughout Eve 2.5. For example, in Scenes Eve not only displays standard and custom scenes, but also the number of related actions you have set up. In Types you’ll see the same list of HomeKit types as before; however, each type is now accompanied by its associated room name.
Eve 2.5 requires iOS 10 or later. For automation and remote access, we recommend using an Apple TV 4 with tvOS 10 or later.
Users who can’t or do not wish to update to iOS 10 (or later) will need to use the separate Eve version for iOS 9.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free
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