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In autumn 2017 Elgato introduced the second generation of its ever-successful thermostatic radiator valve, Eve Thermo – which introduces an integrated LED display and capacitive touch controls for manual temperature adjustment. Whether you are using the first generation of Eve Thermo, or the latest, Eve Thermo is quick and easy to install, since common values are preset. But over time, it’s a good idea to make some fine adjustments and understand all Eve Thermo features, which are more plentiful than those of other Eve accessories.

Using schedules
Unlike other accessories in the Eve range, Eve Thermo physically stores autonomous schedules and executes them independently of your iOS devices. Up to three heating phases can be used in each schedule, and of course, you can customize schedules according to your personal routine, including workdays and weekends. Heating phases can be easily changed with a touch and pinch in the Eve app. Since heating schedules are transferred to Eve Thermo and stored there, Eve Thermo operates seamlessly on its own. But if you need to make a spur-of-the-moment adjustment, you can simply use the Eve App, talk to Siri, or tap the integrated touch controls (second generation Eve Thermo).

Calibration and orientation of the LED
Set or edit a schedule for Eve Thermo
Select temperature and activate vacation mode
Set the time for valve protection

You’ll find important functions in your Eve Thermo controls and settings, some of which you may have already seen during the initial setup:
Remove Accessory: With this command, you remove Eve Thermo from your home in your HomeKit setup. This is necessary if you wish to relocate Eve Thermo to a new home.
Identify Accessory (ID): If you have multiple Eve Thermo valves in a room and wish to visually single out one, tap ID and the red LED on Eve Thermo will illuminate for a few seconds.
Schedule: This is where you manage your heating schedules. You can create and delete your own, but the three preset schedules cannot be altered. “Mine” shows the schedules you’ve created. If you use more than one Eve Thermo, you’ll see all the schedules you’ve created for them. The Days Off Calendar syncs with your iOS calendar to ensure that your weekend schedule runs during off days that fall on week days – without the need for extra intervention on your part.
Temperature offset: The offset setting compensates for value differences between the temperature measured by Eve Thermo and the temperature of the room. To illustrate: you might set the temperature in Eve to 72 degrees, but the measured temperature (according a separate thermometer) in the middle of the room is only 69 degrees. In this case, you would adjust the offset to -3 degrees. This fine-tuning should be done after initial installation over a period of a few days. Bear in mind that the temperature offset depends on the location of the radiator equipped with Eve Thermo (in a corner, beside furniture, etc.)
Installation: This setting shows whether Eve Thermo has been installed correctly. If you want to install Eve Thermo on another radiator in the same home, tap on the button “Remove.” You can also switch the display orientation here, depending on how Eve Thermo is mounted.
Siri Name: Here you’ll find the Siri Name you set for Eve Thermo during initial setup (which you can change at any time). Siri is especially useful when controlling Eve Thermo, so give it a try if you haven’t already.
Room: Here you’ll find the room you assigned Eve Thermo to during installation. This can also be changed.
Vacation mode: If you’re traveling for an extended period, simply set your low and high temperatures, and tap Create Vacation Scenes to automatically create scenes for your departure and return.
Valve Protection: Eve Thermo opens and closes the valve every three weeks to prevent scale buildup and water pipe freezing.
Child Lock: To prevent unwanted temperature adjustments, activate Child Lock to disable the capacitive touch controls on Eve Thermo (second generation).

Window Detection
 If you use Eve Door & Window in a room that features a radiator equipped with Eve Thermo, Eve can automatically pause heating when you open the window, and resume heating when you close it. Window Detection is clever – if you forget to close the window, Eve Thermo will automatically resume heating after 30 minutes to prevent interior damage.

Leaving and arriving home
With iOS 11, you can use the presence of all home inhabitants to automatically control Eve Thermo. In other words, Eve Thermo can reduce heating to your Economy temperature when the last household member has left, and resume your Comfort temperature for the first to return.

Set Child Lock for Eve Thermo (2017)
Activate Window Detection
Set temperature in Home
Set Mode in Home

All Elgato Eve products work right out of the box, eliminating the need for a bridge or starter pack. Eve Thermo is available for £59.95 / 69,95 Euro. The target temperature can be adjusted in increments of 0.5° C via capacitive touch controls, while the temperature is displayed via a white-translucent LCD display that illuminates for a few seconds upon touch. The Eve app makes it easy to adjust the display orientation, so you can mount Eve Thermo vertically or horizontally based on your radiator’s orientation. You can even lock the touch controls for use in kids’ rooms or publicly accessible spaces. Despite the extended range of functions, Eve Thermo (second generation) comes with a longer battery life of over 12 months.

Eve Thermo (Prev.-Gen.) - Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve with LED temperature display, integrated touch controls, automated TRV temperature control, no bridge necessary, Bluetooth (Apple HomeKit)
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‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
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