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Eve 1.5, our new version, supports all HomeKit-based triggers (location, time, accessory) and conditions. With rules, you can automatically trigger scenes using your location or when the accessory state of your HomeKit-enabled devices has changed. With “Location Trigger” (location-based triggers), you can set one or more scenes (for example, with Eve Energy or Hue bulbs) to be activated automatically as soon as you leave your home or arrive there.
It’s easy to set up rules in Eve and extend them with conditions. The time conditions allow users to trigger scene at certain times. Day events let you set sunrise or sunset as triggers. In addition to time conditions, you may use value conditions. These conditions offer values such as door open/closed (Eve Door), temperature (equal to, greater than, less; Eve Room, Eve Weather), mode (Eve thermo), power (Eve Energy), and many more. The time and value conditions give users an enormous amount of combinations when creating and using triggers.

Scenes and triggers
The rules for HomeKit-based triggers always consist of the actual trigger — with Eve devices you can currently only use”Timer” (time-based triggers) or “Location Trigger” (location-based triggers) — in addition to the conditions and one or more scenes. Users that have integrated their Hue lamps with Eve can use also use “Value Trigger” (accessory-based triggers) such as lamp status (on/off), color, and brightness.
While using conditions is optional, it is mandatory to have at least one scene that can be executed.

"Automation" in Eve 1.5 with "Rules" for location-based triggers
Add a new rule
Explanation of rules in Eve 1.5
Select "Add Location Trigger"

Scenes, Timer, and Rules
Under Eve’s settings, you will find an “Automation” option. This where you can set up scenes, and they can be (as before) activated manually in Eve. Eve 1.4 introduced “Timers,” which are used to set up time-based triggers. With “Rules” in Eve 1.5, you can easily set up location-based triggers. Eve takes you step by step through the process. Tap “Rules” and then “Add Rule.”
The logic behind rules is explained in the following step, in which you tap “Next” and select “Add Location Trigger.” If you have an integrated Wi-Fi-based Hue system, you will also see “Add Value Trigger” (accessory-based triggers).
The next step is to allow Eve to use your location. HomeKit requires this to use location-based rules. Select your location and decide whether the trigger should be activated when you arrive at home or when you leave. The trigger is then defined.

Allow Eve to access your location
Select your location in the map and decide when the trigger should be activated
Optional: add conditions
Time condition with before and after relationship

Tap “Next” to continue setting up conditions. Alternatively, you can skip the conditions and select a scene. In this case, the selected scene is always activated once you leave home or come back. In our example, we want to set up one or more additional conditions. Users can choose “Value Condition” and/or “Time Condition.” A typical time condition specifies either the time or day of the event, such as “after sunset.” With this condition set, a lamp will always be turned on when you reach your home after sunset.

Use "Day Event" for sunset or sunrise
Selected time condition
Overview of types of value conditions
Value condition "door closed" (Eve Door)

Value conditions allow you to create a condition from the state or measured value of your HomeKit-enabled devices. Some examples include the temperature or humidity as measured by Eve Room or Eve Weather, windows open/closed (Eve Door & Window), and power on/off (Eve Energy). In some cases, such as selecting temperature or humidity, users can choose operators such as equal to, greater than, or less than.
Once you set the conditions, the next step is to select the scene to be triggered and name your location-based rule.

Value condition "Temperature is greater than 71.5°F" (Eve Room)
Overview conditions
Select a scene and name your rule
Active rule in "Rules"

On your iOS device only
Applied rules in HomeKit are only performed on the device on which they were created. They will never be shared, not even with a second iOS device that uses the same Apple ID for iCloud or guests you invite to your home.
As with time-based triggers, HomeKit requires that that your iPhone remains connected with your devices for location-based rules, be it locally in your home or remote from on the road. In this case, you need an Apple TV 3 or 4 at home to complete the remote connection.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free

Accessory-based triggers
As of iOS 9.2.x, “Value Trigger” (accessory based triggers) are not available for Bluetooth Smart devices. Once this functionality is enabled in a future version of iOS, a free Eve app update will enable support for characteristic triggers.

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