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With Eve Thermo, Elgato makes the thermostatic radiator valve for Apple HomeKit available. Users can control temperature settings using an iPhone, iPad, or even an Apple Watch. Voice control is provided by Siri, meaning a cozy room can be requested without lifting a finger. A simple upgrade to existing radiator valves, Eve Thermo makes setting perfect temperatures as easy as asking Siri. Eve Thermo comes with a standard M30x1.5 connection and additional Danfoss RA, RAV, and RAVL adapters. Since Eve Thermo is outside of the heater’s water cycle, upgrading is pretty easy.

Eve Thermo connects directly to an iOS device using Bluetooth 4.0 Smart, providing maximum control over individual radiators, rooms, or the entire house. The radiator valve is powered by two AA batteries. Eve Thermo offers an incredibly elegant and fun way to control heating room by room. The device can be set up in minutes without the need to create accounts or configure a hub. Creating schedules is effortless thanks to the Eve app’s sleek interface.

Eve Thermo comes with three preinstalled schedules. Creating individual programs is easy: Select the day(s), set a comfort temperature and a minimum, then mark the periods when warmth is needed on a timeline. That way, Eve Thermo will help save energy when users are away, and warm rooms up ahead of their return. Modifying the temperature even when a schedule is active can be done by a tap in the Eve app, via Siri, or by setting a HomeKit scene that includes a target temperature – at home or remotely if you get off from work earlier. The sensors in Eve Thermo also record temperatures, generating beautiful graphs and charts that provide valuable insight into energy use patterns.

The setup is easy with the help of Eve. Install the two AA batteries in Eve Thermo; the Eve app will then guide you through the next steps. After pairing Eve Thermo with your iOS device in Eve, select a room you want Eve Thermo work in or select a new one, and set a Siri name for the device – like Office Heater.

Select Eve Thermo for pairing
Enter the HomeKit code manually or with the iPhone camera
Select the room for Eve Thermo
Type in a Siri name for your Eve Thermo
When that’s done, Eve will ask you to remove the old thermostat, then attach Eve Thermo. You may need pliers to remove the old thermostat. Eve then will move the valve in and out, performing a calibration for the thermostat. Once it’s calibrated, the basic setup is done.
Eve lets you know when it's time to remove the old thermostat…
Attach Eve Thermo next, once Eve asks you to do so
Eve is calibrating Eve Thermo
Hardware setup is finished after successful calibration

In the next step, you have to set the “offset.” Because Eve Thermo is installed close to the radiator, its measurements may differ from the actual temperature of your room. If the room temperature is higher than expected, set the offset to a positive value. In most cases the temperature in the room will be too low; in that case, set the offset to a negative value. For example: If the room is 3 degrees colder than expected, set the value to -3. A temperature offset of -2 degrees is a good start that works in many cases. It may take a few days until you arrive at the perfect value.

Next, select one of the three predefined schedules, or just create a new one that fits your needs. You may use up to three heating phases per schedule. Set the comfort temperature and the minimum first. One schedule may consist of two plans — for example, one for weekdays and one for the weekend. Set heating periods and move them on the timeline where you want them to be active. Once a schedule is set and has a name, it is submitted to Eve Thermo and saved there. If you want another temperature while a schedule is active, just use Eve or Siri to set the new target temperature.

Use the At a Glance view in Eve or the room view to check all values and set new ones. Eve Thermo is now available for GBP £59.95, including VAT, from The free Eve app is available from the Apple App Store. Eve Thermo requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9.1 or later and the Eve app 1.4 or later.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Set the temperature offset
Select a preset schedule or create a new one
Create a new schedule that fits your needs
Eve Thermo overview in Eve
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