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Elgato released a free firmware update for Eve Thermo today, enabling it to heat even more efficiently. Available for users of Eve 2.6, the update adds three brand new features: Window Detection, Days Off Calendar, and Vacation Mode. The firmware also includes improved schedules management and other general enhancements. To install the update, open Eve. Watch out for the small red circle with a number on the Settings’ icon in the tab bar. The number indicates the number of devices with outdated firmware. Tap Settings, then tap Accessories. Eve devices that are ready to be upgraded are marked in the list with a red arrow icon. The firmware update requires a direct connection between the accessory and your device so please make sure to remain close to Eve Thermo during the process.

Eve displays available updates
Upgrade firmware
Activate Window Detection
Eve automatically creates scenes and rules for Window Detection via Eve Door & Window

Window Detection
Eve Thermo now detects when temperature drops rapidly, e.g. because of a window getting opened. It will react by automatically stopping to heat for 10 minutes.
This energy saving mechanism will be even more accurate if an Eve Door & Window is available to report the window’s state. Creating the automations to make Eve Thermo interact with an Eve Door & Window in the same room is now easier than ever: Instead of programming rules manually, you just tap a single button in Eve Thermo’s device settings. Opening the window will instantly turn off the heating. Closing it again will make Eve Thermo resume to heating the room to the temperature set manually or by a schedule.

Update February 24, 2017: Thanks to the Feb 2017 firmware update, Eve Thermo can now automatically pause heating when a window is opened. Please note that – regardless of whether the open window is detected by Eve Thermo, or by Eve Door & Window contact sensors in the same room – heating will pause temporarily. In automatic Window Detection mode, Eve Thermo will resume heating after 10 minutes. If connected to Eve Door & Window, Eve Thermo will resume heating after 30 minutes to prevent your room from cooling over. If you wish to override this default duration, but still take advantage of Window Detection, please use Eve Thermo together with Eve Door & Window, along with manually-crafted HomeKit scenes and rules.

Days Off Calendar
Schedules are an easy way to control your heating. Create separate schedules for weekdays and for days off, each with up to three heating periods, and manually set your desired heating and cooling temperature. Until now you’d mark certain days, usually the weekend, as days off. The firmware update enables Eve 2.6 to access your calendars and treat all-day events from a calendar of your choice as additional days off.

Vacation Mode
Going on a short trip or your summer holiday? Vacation Mode now lets you set a temperature that Eve Thermo will hold during your absence. Any schedules will be idle until you turn off Vacation Mode. This way, you can rest assured sure that your home is heated to 16° C while you’re away. Eve will automatically create and activate a Vacation Mode scene. Using HomeKit remote access, turn off Vacation Mode shortly before you return home so Eve Thermo can prepare the house and heat it to your comfort temperature.

New Option: Days Off Calendar
Select a calendar source for days off
Settings for Vacation Mode
Temperature settings for Vacation Mode

Eve Thermo (Prev.-Gen.) - Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve with LED temperature display, integrated touch controls, automated TRV temperature control, no bridge necessary, Bluetooth (Apple HomeKit)
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‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
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