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Scenes allow you to control several HomeKit-enabled devices simultaneously with a single command--for example, switch selected devices on or off. To do so, you need switchable devices such as a fan connected via Eve Energy and/or a Hue lamp. Starting Scenes is easy: just tap the Eve app or use a Siri command.

Starting with iOS 9, Apple began providing four predefined scenes as examples: Good Morning, Good Night, I’m Home, and I’m Leaving. These scenes are empty--i.e., no actions are connected to them. You can find them in Eve in Settings > Scenes. You can add actions to scenes or create new scenes with Add Scene. Custom scenes can be deleted later (swipe to the left), but you can’t delete Apple’s predefined scenes.


Add a new scene or use one of the scenes Apple provides
Add an action for the scene
Select Rooms or Types for your scene
Enable the charcteristics to control the scene


To create a new scene, tap Add Scene. Next, you can add actions to the new scene by tapping Add Actions. Actions can be based on rooms or types and set for what to do once the scene is activated. Eve will show you which kind of actions are available for your installed HomeKit-enabled devices. For this example, we’ll use the Power type. All devices that can be switched on and off are listed: say we have one fan that is controlled by Eve Energy and three Hue lamps. The first step is to activate all the devices that you want to be controlled by the scene, then set a value: on or off. In our example, “Twilight,” we want to turn off the fan and switch on the two Hue light bulbs and the Hue Lightstrip. Tap Next to see what’s been set so far.


Overview of defined actions
Add additional characteristics for your Hue lamps
Enable characteristics for your Hue lamps
Choose color and brightness for your Hue lamps


If you’re using Hue lamps in your Eve home, there are additional options. Tap Add Action again and select the Color and Brightness types. Select the two values for the scene you’re working on individually for each Hue lamp. Tap on Next again and set a name for the scene you created: in our case, “Twilight.” Go back to At a Glance, and you’ll find the scene you just created at the top. Tap on the scene name to activate it, or use Siri and say: “Activate Twilight.”


All actions
Set a name for the scene
Listing of all scenes
Scene in "At a glance"


The two videos below show the two Apple-provided scenes Good Morning and I’m Leaving. We just added actions to both of the example scenes.


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