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iOS 10 features the Home app, which grants you quick access to your HomeKit-enabled accessories via the Control Center on your iOS device. HomeKit is deeply integrated into iOS, and offers additional stability and features that benefit the Eve app and Elgato HomeKit-enabled accessories. While the Elgato Eve app permits complete control of Eve accessories, the Apple Home app offers exclusive functions that cannot be replicated by other HomeKit-enabled apps, including Eve. Apple uses private APIs, which Elgato hopes will be made public in the near future. After activating or editing HomeKit functions in Home, we recommend that you continue using the Eve app with the new functions you set for HomeKit.

Control Center
Control Center facilitates quick access to your home’s data, without you having to open the Apple Home app or Elgato Eve app. To enjoy this convenience, swipe up to open Control Center and swipe left twice to access your Favorite Accessories and Scenes.

Access Control Center
Check connected home hub(s)
Edit guest permissions
Receive notifications

Home hub
A home hub allows you to access and control HomeKit-enabled accessories from anywhere. In the Home app, tap the arrow icon in the top left corner to access Home Settings. If connected, your fourth-generation Apple TV and/or iPad (in home hub mode) will be listed here.

Guest permissions
In Home Settings, you’ll also find People, the term used by Apple to identify guests you’ve invited to access your HomeKit-enabled ecosystem. Tap on a guest to edit the permissions he or she has been granted. Only the Home app permits you to grant a guest wider access via Allow Editing. Once granted, your guest may add and remove accessories, scenes, and other people (guests).

To receive notifications from Eve Door & Window and Eve Motion, you need to activate notifications in the Apple Home app, as only Apple Home permits necessary access. In Home, tap and hold a tile designated to Eve Motion or Eve Door & Window. In the following screen, tap Details, scroll all the way down and select Status and Notifications. Activate Allow Notifications, or deactivate it if you don’t want to receive notifications.

‎Eve für HomeKit
‎Eve für HomeKit
Developer: Eve Systems GmbH
Price: Free
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