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When setting up a new HomeKit-enabled device, Eve offers to set a Siri name for the device. This is an option you should choose for a better Siri experience later.

Think of a Siri name as an alias – this is technically not completely accurate, but it helps in understanding it. Example: You have a lamp in the kitchen connected to an Eve Energy. Siri understands the command “Turn on the light in the kitchen.” But if you set the Siri name for this Eve Energy to “kitchen light,” you can just say “Turn on the kitchen light,” or “Is my kitchen light turned on?” This works with devices attached to Eve Energy or with Hue lamps.

A Siri name is saved in the HomeKit database of your home. This means that Siri names within a home have to be unique. You cannot choose a Siri name that is already being used as a Room or Zone name.

Siri name for Eve Energy with a fan connected, in a room named Office
Siri name for a Hue LightStrip in the kitchen
Check the status of your kitchen light
Check the status of the fan in the office
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