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Rules with location triggers are extremely helpful. Upon arriving at or leaving your home, a scene is triggered, such as switching lights, appliances, or the heating on or off. In addition to setting location triggers for your home address, you can choose triggers for different locations, such as your workplace or gym, to trigger a scene in your home. This post shows how easy it is to set up these triggers.

Usually, you will set up a rule with your home as the location trigger. In Eve, the map displays your current location and the geofence for the trigger. For example, you may create a scene that turns off all your electrical appliances when you leave your home. However, even if you are just running out before work to buy some rolls for breakfast, taking the kids to school, or going on your 15-minute jog, the rule will always trigger the scene. To avoid this, you can set up the location as your workplace in the morning or your gym in the evening and trigger the scene when you arrive at the location.

Remote locations as location triggers
To use a remote location as a location trigger, open Eve and set up a rule with a location trigger. Eve will display your current location and its geofence. In the search field, enter the desired address, such as your workplace or gym, and tap on “search.” Eve uses Apple Maps; however, you must manually move to the address entered. At that location on the map, you will see a pin with a dark blue head. Tap on the pin to save the remote location. This also works with points of interest in Maps, such as “Apple Store,” “Park,” or “Starbucks.” Save the location and specify whether the scene should be triggered when you arrive or leave the location. At this time, you can also add conditions to the rule.

Remote Access is mandatory
This only works if you have an Apple TV 3 or 4 at home that uses the same Apple ID as your iOS device. For example, when you arrive at the remote location “Gym,” the scene “All devices off” is triggered. Your iPhone then uses an internet connection, iCloud, and your Apple TV at home to communicate using end-to-end encryption with your Eve devices at home and trigger the scene.

Find a remote location via POI (e.g., store name)
Select a remote location (POI) as a location trigger
Find a remote location via the address
Use a remote location (POI) when arriving as a location trigger
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