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Update: With Eve 1.4 helper apps for creating time triggers are no longer needed, Eve allows setting of time triggers.

As of iOS 9.2.x, location and characteristic HomeKit triggers are not yet available for Bluetooth Smart devices. Once this functionality is enabled in a future version of iOS, a free Eve app update will enable support for location and characteristic triggers.

Time triggers that execute a scene at a given time are already available for Bluetooth Smart devices. The triggers can be used, for example, to automatically start the Good Morning scene for devices that are switched on using Eve Energy, or other switches or lamps. However, the current Eve app (version 1.2) does not have the ability to create time triggers. A free future update for Eve will enable support for triggers.

You may use other HomeKit-enabled apps in the meantime to create time triggers, for instance by using the Devices or MyTouchHome apps.

‎Devices – Control for HomeKit
‎Devices – Control for HomeKit
Developer: Romain HENRY
Price: 2,29 €

After creating time triggers in another app, continue using the Eve app to access information about your Eve accessories.

Setup a new time trigger in the app "Devices"
Set name, time, repeats and scene
Active time triggers
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